Tiger Shark Taekwon-Do, Inc.
"... for self-defense as well as health ..."
Proper training equipment and supplies is essential for learning Taekwon-Do.  You can search the internet yourself in the hope of finding the right equipment and supplies you need, or you can get them right here.  We sell almost everything that the USTF requires of its students, and quite a bit more.  We work with many different vendors including the USTF, Centry Martial Arts, and Ultimate Martial Art Board.  If you have any questions or wish to purchase something, please e-mail our sales team.
  • Almost all items are priced 10% below suggested retail prices.
  • Current USTF members get another 10% off on most items.
  • Thornton Taekwon-Do students qualify for yet another 10% on most items.
Discounts are available!  
Uniforms:  The standard USTF uniforms are a white do-bak with the Taekwon-Do "Tree of Life" on the back.  Trim and stripes are available for black belts.  Unforms start about $45.
Sparring Gear
Sparring is more fun when you have good sparring gear.  The Century and P2 line of sparring equipment meets the requirements of the USTF for use in their sancitioned tournament.  A set of head, hand, and foot pads starts about $90.  Additional items such as shin pads and carrying bags are also available.
We do not endorse any particular brand or line of sparring equiment.
Books:  The official USTF white, yellow, blue, red, and black books are available, and a few extra ones.  The books are about $10.
Boards:  The entire line of re-breakable board from UMAB are available, including their multi-board packs and board holders.
Pads:  There is a wide selection of training pads available through Century Martial Arts.  From full-size body shields to individual hand-held pads, tell us what you want and will give you a great price.